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31 August 2007 @ 06:43 pm
HEROES : "Beautiful" Kelly Clarkson (Claire/Isaac)  

promo pic done by simbiani82

Fandom/Song/Artist: HEROES "Beautiful Disaster" by Kelly Clarkson

Vidded by: Yusagi aka darkbunnyrabbit Link to page: YouTube Profile FileFront: CLiCK YouTube: CLiCK MegaUpload: CLiCK Details: Footage from dLed eps :: 4mins09seconds :: 23MB :: WMV :: Notes: My first Vegas vid! This is a long time coming; I've messed with Vegas off and on over the past year, and experimented with different vids I never published... and now, my first full Vegas vid! It's nothing special, but it's there. Yeah, a watermark this time! o.o Well, its a one-off thing, pretty much; it needed SOME sort of credits, hehe.

Summary: (spoilers up to 23, AU) After Simone left Isaac, Claire met him on a trip to NYC. She quickly finds herself falling for the broken-spirited man, but questions herself as to whether its really worth it to spend so much time on something that could melt in her face- and whether its love or pity she truly feels for the man who so quickly latched himself to her.